ITV Creates 2019

Liz West’s logo for ‘ITV Creates’ © ITV

Liz West’s interpretation of the ITV logo against a re-styled end-board © ITV

We’ve come a long way since 1955, when the first ITV ident heralded the launch of commercial television in Britain. Over the following years, a hotchpotch of station logos emerged to identify each regional franchise on the network, before eventually being replaced by a unified ITV ‘brand’.

But in an interesting take on the channel’s current branding, the broadcaster’s executive creative director Tony Pipes commissioned 52 visual artists from across the UK, to re-imagine the channel’s logo in a series of idents that have been broadcast throughout the year.

Tony Pipes

Idents have been around since the dawn of TV and the way they have behaved has changed very little. We wanted to push against the prevailing convention that idents are set, the idea that they are moving wallpaper that last 5 or 10 years without changing. With this project, we’ve not only given a platform to some of Britain’s best visual artists, but we have also found a way to continually entertain and surprise our viewers.

This work reflects ITV as a 21st century broadcaster, part of the fabric of culture, as an endlessly creative organisation. After all, we don’t just curate, as a company we constantly commission and create world class content and this was a way to express that on air. The pieces are beautiful, daring, entertaining and sometimes challenging and that is ok because that is exactly what good TV should be.

Working with these artists and becoming part of this fantastic artistic community has been an absolute joy and constantly inspiring.
ITV Creates brochure

As with all art, reaction to the idents was subjective. Although some …

• Diversity of artists (just look at the range of names)
• Great way of showing confidence in the logo by allowing others to re-interpret it
• Very mature
• No other broadcaster has done this before – great initiative
• The logo has become a talking point (at least amongst nerds lols)

The Artists

Here is the complete list of the artists involved in the 2019 campaign:

Adam Nathaniel Furman
Alec Stevens
Anna Berry
Anna Lomax
Ash Kayser
Bharti Parmar
Bournemouth Fine Art Students
Brandon Saunders
Carleen de Sozer
Caroline Wright
CJ Mahony
Dan Rawlings
Downing & Weston
Emily Forgot
Erin Taylor
Faith Bebbington
Fernando Laposse
Fiona Grady
Florence Blanchard
Florence Mytum
Gayle Chong Kwan
Greta Davies
Hattie Newman
Isabel + Helen
James Alec Hardy
James Brunt
Jo Taylor
Julia Vogl
Katrina Russell-Adams
Kochi Kochi
Kristina Veasey
Laurie Nouchka
Liz West
Louise Bristow
Mark Titchner
Melanie Tomlinson
Noemi Lakmaier
Olly Fathers
Patricia Volk
Rabiya Choudry
Ravi Deepres
Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq
Russell Bamber
Sam Curtis
Sargent & Seers
Stuart Robinson
Sutapa Biswas
Yina Ilori
Yvette Hawkins

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